Bastards, Brothels & Bridewells: Sex in Georgian Cheltenham

All sorts of sexual transgressions were possible at the busy resort of Cheltenham but unless you were a rich man, they could land you in Northleach Bridewell. It seems that, the pretext of taking the waters of the spa liberated some from the normal conventions of the every day.  This had repercussions.  One of the … Continue reading Bastards, Brothels & Bridewells: Sex in Georgian Cheltenham


The Abuse of Parish Apprentices

 Treatment of poor children in the Georgian period was sometimes appalling.   One instance, I uncovered yesterday concerned Anne Elway. Anne and her older brother James were the children of poor parents in the small town of Newnham-on-Severn.  In 1821 when Anne was just nine, the parish vestry, decided to allocate some children to local ratepayers as ‘apprentices’.  These were … Continue reading The Abuse of Parish Apprentices